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Ancient coin jewelry offerings include authentic ancient Greek coin jewelry and authentic ancient Roman coin jewelry.  Ancient coins are fascinating historical artifacts and make excellent pieces of jewelry when mounted in our high quality gold bezels.

Ancient Greek coin jewelry offerings include the popular Alexander the Great, Boy on a Dolphin, Athens Owl, Pegasus, Artemis, Aegina Turtle, Sikyon Dove, and Shekel of Tyre coins; minted at the ancient Greek mints located in Macedon, Taras, Athens, Corinth, Sikyon, and the Phoenician city of Tyre.  Typical Greek coin denominations are the tetradrachm, drachm, didrachm, hemidrachm, and stater, all of which are available on the web site.

Ancient Roman coin jewelry offerings include the Caesar and Roma denarius coins, which along with their Greek predecessors, are over 2000 years old, many struck before the birth of Christ.  Amazingly, these authentic artifacts are well detailed and nicely preserved.

Certificates of Authenticity accompany all ancient coin jewelry.  View a typical New World Treasures photo type Certificate of Authenticity.

Greek Coins
Alexander The Great Coins
Boy On A Dolphin Coins
Athens Owl Coins
Pegasus Coins
Artemis Coins
Aegina Turtle Coins
Sikyon Dove Coins
Shekel of Tyre Coins

Roman Coins
Caesar Coins
Roma Coins

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