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Ancient Greek
Artemis Coin Jewelry

In Greek mythology, the goddess Artemis was the daughter of the ruler of the Greek gods, Zeus, and the twin sister to god Apollo.  She is best known as the goddess of hunting, who could punish injustices against the gods with her bow and arrows.  On the obverse side of Artemis coins from the kingdom of Macedon, located in north central Greece, is featured the bust of Artemis at the center of a Macedonian shield.  On the reverse side is depicted a club within an oak wreath with a thunder bolt at the left.

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Artemis Tetradrachm
Item#:  8127
Greece - Under Roman occupation
Silver Tetradrachm
After 168 BC

Measurements with 14k gold bezel
Weight:  23.6 grams
Diameter: 1.35 inches

Price:  $1895.00  BUY ITEM


Silver tetradrachm, ancient Macedon Greece, minted after 168 BC while under Roman rule.  Bust of Greek goddess Artemis at the center of a Macedonian shield on one side, club of Herakles within an oak wreath with thunderbolt at left on the other. An exceptional coin in choice very fine condition, struck with both sides in near alignment so that either side can be worn facing out.  Coin is mounted in a 14k gold bezel, and including the bezel, is slightly larger than a half dollar in size.


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