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Ancient Greek
Shekel of Tyre Coin Jewelry

Tyre was a principal Phoenician port city and the first in the area to issue its own coinage, the most famous being the silver tetradrachm or "shekel".  The shekel is the most likely coinage with which Judas was paid his "thirty pieces of silver" for the betrayal of Christ.  Shekels of Tyre were issued on a consistent basis from 126 BC to the time of the first Jewish war in 69-70 AD and were well known for their good silver content and accurate weight.  They were the only coins accepted by the Jerusalem Temple as payment of the annual tax.

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Shekel of Tyre
Item#:  10108
Ancient Greece
Silver Tetradrachm / Shekel
115/14 BC

Measurements with 14k gold bezel
Weight:  21.0 grams
Diameter: 1.25 inches

Price:  $2495.00  SOLD


Silver tetradrachm "shekel" from the Phoenician mint in Tyre, minted in year 12 (115/14 BC), extremely fine condition.  Eagle standing on ships prow, palm across right wing, club to left with date above; laureate bust of Melqart.  Coin with bezel, is slightly larger than a half dollar in size.  An excellent coin with nicely centered details and with both sides struck in alignment so that either side can be worn facing out.


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