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Spanish and Spanish colonial gold coins were minted in denominations of 8, 4, 2, 1, and 1/2 escudos, the 1/2 escudos existing only in the later milled bust type coinage.  Gold escudos coins were valued at 16 times that of the silver reales issues, thus one 8 escudos gold coin would be equivalent to sixteen 8 reales silver coins.  Due to their high valuation, gold coins were seldom used except by the rich, and therefore were not exposed to heavy wear from frequent transactions.  For this reason, and because gold does not corrode like silver, most gold escudos coins are superior in quality compared to the silver reales issues.  Gold escudos coins are truly beautiful to behold and look great mounted in 18K gold bezels.

Certificates of Authenticity accompany all gold coins and gold coin jewelry.

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Gold Cob Coins

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