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Spanish Gold Cob Coin Jewelry

Cob coins were hand manufactured by cutting blanks from crudely cast bars of refined silver or gold and hand hammered between crudely engraved dies.  They lack the detail of modern machine struck coins, but each is unique in shape and strike, which makes them so interesting.

Certificates of Authenticity accompany all Spanish gold coin jewelry.


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1 Escudo
Item#:  16034
Denomination: 1 escudo
Mint:  Seville

Measurements with 18k gold bezel
Weight:  7.2 grams
Diameter: 1.0 inches

Price:  $1895.00 SOLD


Shield type 1 escudo, Charles and Johanna, 1516-1556, Seville mint, mintmark S to the right of the shield / assayer mark P at left, partial legends visible along the edge.  A rare, nicely detailed coin in choice very fine condition, noted for being the very first gold escudos coins to be struck at any Spanish or Spanish colonial mint.  Coin is mounted in a 18k gold bezel with fixed bale.  Supplied with a New World Treasures photo type certificate of authenticity.


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