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Spanish Gold Escudos Coins
8 Escudos

Certificates of Authenticity accompany all bust gold coins.


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Item#:  10022
Denomination: 8 escudos
Mint:  Mexico
Assayer:  MM
Weight:  26.9 grams
Diameter: 1.45 inches

Price:  SOLD


Milled bust type 8 escudos, dated 1758, Ferdinand VI, Mexico mint, assayer MM, sharp AU condition, cleaned at one time, nice reflective luster in the legends.  A rare three year type coin featuring Ferdinand in a long peruke and even more rare considering its high grade.  A wonderful piece and a must for a collector putting together a type collection of Mexico mint Spanish colonial bust gold.  Offered at a great value - reference catalogs list its value at $6000 in EF condition; one full grade below this AU piece.  About the size of a silver dollar.


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