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Princess Louisa Shipwreck Coins

The Princess Louisa, a British East India Company merchant ship, was lost on April 18th, 1743 after striking a reef off the Isle of May in the Cape Verde Island chain.  As part of her cargo, she carried 20 chests of Spanish and Spanish colonial currency, a total of 69,760 ounces of silver, for trade for silk and spices in the far east city of Bombay and in Persia.  Her treasure lie undiscovered for over 255 years until a 1998-1999 salvage operation located and recovered the valuable artifacts.

Most of the coins recovered were Spanish colonial 2 reales pillars-and-waves type dated cobs, perfect size for bezel mounting for use as jewelry.  Although of a highly desirable denomination, due to the sheer abundance of the coinage recovered, they remain quite affordable in comparison to those from the immensely popular Nuestra Senora de Atocha.  Thus, Princess Louisa Treasure coins are rapidly gaining popularity.

Certificates of Authenticity and a pamphlet on the history of the Princess Louisa accompany all Princess Louisa shipwreck treasure coins.


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Princess Louisa - 2 Reales
Item#:  4033
Denomination:  2 reales
Mint:  Potosi
Assayer:  M
Weight:  5.7 grams
Diameter: .9-1.0 inches

Price: $395.00 


Pillars-and-waves type 2 reales, Potosi mint, dated 1732, Philip V.  Exceptional pillars side details including a bold denomination mark 2, both mintmarks P, one assayer mark M, a bold central date 1732, and a complete edge date 1732 (edge dates are rarely visible).  A beautiful coin, the nicest Princess Louisa 2 reales coin in stock.

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Princess Louisa - 4 Reales
Item#:  4068
Denomination:  4 reales
Mint:  Lima
Assayer:  V
Weight:  12.5 grams
Diameter: 1.0-1.2 inches

Price: $495.00  SOLD


Pillars-and-waves type 4 reales, Lima mint, dated 1741, Philip V.  Exceptional pillars side details including a bold denomination mark 4, one mintmark P, both assayer marks V, and the central date 1741,  nearly full cross with partially visible lions and castles.  One of the nicest 4 reales coins that we've seen from this wreck.

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Princess Louisa - 8 Reales
Item#:  7363
Denomination:  8 reales
Mint:  Potosi
Assayer:  Y
Weight:  25.0 grams
Diameter: 1.3-1.4 inches

Price: $695.00  BUY ITEM


Pillars-and-waves type 8 reales, Potosi mint, dated 1722, Philip V.  Nice full cross with denomination mark 8 above and assayer mark Y and partial kings name at right.  Exceptional pillars side details including a bold denomination mark 8, mintmark P, assayer mark Y, and central date 1722 (the last digit 2 is also visible in the second legend date).  Coins of assayer Y are relatively rare finds.  This rare beauty is the nicest 8 reales cob that we've seen from this wreck.  Supplied with a New World Treasures photo type Certificate of Authenticity.


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