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Milled Pillar Coins
Mexico City

Milled pillar coins "pillar dollars" were minted at the Mexico City mint from 1732 until 1771, when they were replaced by the milled bust variety.  The Mexico City mint was the first to produce the milled pillar type coinage and the only mint to produce them during the reign of Philip V.  The milled pillar dollar was enormously popular and circulated throughout the world, even serving as legal currency in the United States until 1857.  Interestingly, they were never produced in Spain, but instead only struck at Spain's New World colonial mints.  Mexico City milled pillar coins are easily identified by their mintmark, an M with a small o above.

Certificates of Authenticity accompany all Mexico Milled Pillar Coins.


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Sold Out

8 Reales

Item#:  10026
Denomination:  8 reales
Mint:  Mexico
Assayer:  MF
Weight:  26.8 grams
Diameter: 1.55 inches



Milled Pillar type, Charles III, dated 1770, graded choice very fine for wear, full diameter, nearly full weight, slightly rough surfaces to the left of the pillars side crown and in the right side legends.  A nice coin that was cleaned at one time but is lightly toned today.  Supplied with a New World Treasures photo type Certificate of Authenticity.


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