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Milled Pillar Coins
Potosi Mint

Milled pillar coins "pillar dollars" were minted at the Potosi mint from 1767 until 1770, when the mint reverted back to striking cob coinage.  Although the riches of Potosi are legendary, it's interesting how slow the mint evolved from hand struck cob production to a mechanized operation similar to that of Mexico City, which stopped cob production a full 35 years earlier.  Pillar dollars from Potosi are relatively rare compared to those from the Mexico City mint and thus tend to command higher prices.  They are easily identified by their mintmark, a monogrammed POTOSI that resembles a dollar sign "$".

Certificates of Authenticity accompany all Potosi Milled Pillar Coins.


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Milled Pillar type, Charles III, dated 1770,  full weight, full diameter, graded extremely fine for wear.  Potosi pillar dollars were only minted during a 4 year period (1767 -1770) and this particular coin is an excellent "last year of production" example with a nice deep well centered strike.  Supplied with a New World Treasures photo type Certificate of Authenticity.


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