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Venice Silver Grosso Coin Jewelry

Silver grosso coins of Venice Italy feature a religious theme in their design.   The coins, which display the image of Christ and Saint Mark, make exceptionally beautiful and very popular pieces of jewelry when mounted in a gold bezel.

Venice, Italy is known today for its grand canals and artistic grandeur.  But, several centuries ago, Venice was of greater importance, reigning as the leading maritime power in the Christian world.  Her historic coinage, dating from the Middle Ages, set the standard for coins for the next 700 years and were among the most widely accepted form of currency in the Mediterranean region.  Each coin, which features the image of Christ on one side and the Doge, or Duke of Venice and Saint Mark on the other, is easily attributed to the ruling Doge of the time period and thus can be accurately dated.

Certificates of Authenticity accompany all Religious Venice Silver Grosso coin jewelry.  View a typical New World Treasures photo type Certificate of Authenticity.


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Silver Grosso of Venice
Item#:  16006
Venice Italy
Silver Grosso
Circa: 1289-1311

Measurements with 14k gold bezel
Weight:  5.1 grams
Diameter: 1.0 inches

Price:    SOLD


Venice Italy silver Grosso, Doge Pietro Gradenigo 1289-1311.  Obverse: Enthroned figure of Christ in a halo.  Reverse:  St. Mark (on the right) handing the standard, symbolizing authority over Venice, to the ruling Doge Pietro Gradenigo (on the left).  Due to the Crusades and the resulting development of trade with the Orient, Venice prospered and reigned as the leading maritime power in the Christian world.  Venice produced beautiful coinage like this silver grosso, which paid homage to Christ and the city's patron saint, St. Mark.  This coin is graded extremely fine for condition.  The coin is mounted in a 14k gold bezel, and including the bezel, is a quarter in size.


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