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 Douro Gold Coin Jewelry

The RMS Douro, a British transatlantic luxury steamer, was lost in 1882 after colliding with the Spanish steamer Yrurac Bat in the Bay of Biscay while on the last leg of her 62nd and final voyage.  The Douro, built in 1865, was one of the most popular ships in the Royal fleet and a favorite of the wealthy traveling from Brazil South America  to Southampton England via Portugal.  Although a large ship at 326 feet in length, nothing could save her from the tremendous impact of a ship striking her at full speed in her starboard side and she quickly sank.  Fortunately, a third steamer, the Hidalgo, was near by and hauled up the shaken passengers. In all, only six Douro passengers lost their lives, leaving, together with those from the other ship, a total of 59 passengers and crew drowned. True to seafaring tradition, the Douro's Captain, four Senior Officers, and the Chief and Second Engineer went down with their ship.

Salvage operations, conducted at a depth of 1200 feet by Nigel Pickford and Sverker Hallstrom in 1995, resulted in the recovery of thousands of gold sovereigns from the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901).  The coins display the portrait of the young Queen on one side and the Royal coat-of-arms or St. George and a dragon on the other.

Certificates of Authenticity accompany all Douro Shipwreck treasure coins.  View a typical New World Treasures photo type certificate of authenticity.


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Douro Shipwreck


Item#:  7450
Denomination: 1 Sovereign
Mint:  London
Date:  1869

Measurements with 18k gold bezel
Weight:  15.2 grams
Diameter:  1.1 inches

Price: $1295.00  BUY ITEM


British Queen Victoria type gold sovereign, dated 1869, London mint, AU condition.  Young portrait of Queen Victoria on one side and a crowned shield within a wreath on the other.  Supplied with the Spink London auction tag and a New World Treasures photo type certificate of authenticity.  Mounted in an 18k gold round wire bezel with swivel bale.  Coin with bezel is about the size of a quarter.


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