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Spanish coin offerings include hand manufactured cobs and machine manufactured milled pillar and milled bust coins, struck mostly at the Spanish colonial New World mints located in Mexico City, Lima, and Potosi.  All of our coins are guaranteed to be authentic, we do not deal in replicas of any kind.

The first Spanish colonial New World mint, located in Mexico City, began striking coins in 1536, slightly more than four decades after Columbus's discovery of America. The next significant mint was established in Lima in 1568, a bit more than three decades after Pizarro overthrew the Inca Empire. Ultimately, the most famous mint of all was established in 1574 at Potosi, situated high above sea level at the base of an incredible mountain of high quality silver. Since the mountain's discovery in 1545, enormous amounts of the precious metal poured forth, catapulting Potosi into prominence as the largest city in the New World.

Certificates of Authenticity accompany all Spanish Coins and Spanish Coin Jewelry.

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