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Azes II Coin Jewelry

The biblical story of the three wise men appears in the New Testament (Matthew 2:1-12).  It tells of three Kings who came from the east, bearing gifts of frankincense and myrrh.  According to Matthew, they were guided by a star to Jerusalem, the birth place of Jesus Christ.

Silver tetradrachm coins of Azes II circulated around the time of the birth of Jesus Christ. Historians believe Azes II sent his representative to the Holy Land seeking proof of the birth of the Christ Child and that the individual may have been one of the three wise men (Magi) whose story is told in Matthew 2:1-12. This type of coin may have financed his journey to the Holy Land or possibly have been used to purchase the gifts of frankincense and myrrh. It is astonishing to hold a coin with such an amazing connection to this historical period of time.

Azes II reigned from 35 BC to possibly as late as 5 AD and may have been the last Indo-Scythian king in northern India.  His coinage depicts a Greek goddess as his protector, following the usual numismatic model of the Greek kings in the Indo-Greek Empire.  It also shows the king on a horse rather than in a bust portrait, an innovation of the Indo-Scythians.

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Azes II Silver Tetradrachm
Item#:  8158
Azes II
Silver Tetradrachm
35 BC - 5 AD

Measurements with 14k gold bezel
Weight:  13.4 grams
Diameter: 1.1 inches

Price:  $595.00  SOLD


Ancient Azes II silver tetradrachm, religious artifact struck during biblical times.  Excellent details including,
Obverse: King mounted on a horse, wearing a coat of mail, holding a scepter with Greek royal headband attached, surrounded by Greek legend that translates to "The Great King of Kings Azes".
Reverse: Athena standing, holding a shield and lance, making a benediction gesture, monograms in fields, surrounded by Kharoshti legend that translates to "The Great King of Kings Azes".
A top end coin mounted in a 14k gold bezel with fixed bale.  Coin with bezel is slightly larger than a quarter in size.


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