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Ancient Byzantine
Gold Solidus Coin Jewelry

Byzantine coin design reflected the Empires close ties to Christianity.  Portrayals of the cross and of the saints are common, but no figure appears as regularly as Christ himself.  Perhaps the most noted representation of Christ is that of the bold portrait bust image found on the popular gold solidus coinage.  These coins, when mounted in 18k gold bezels, make exceptionally beautiful and historically significant pieces of religious jewelry.

The Byzantine Empire, centered in Constantinople (modern day Istanbul), is generally accepted as beginning in 491 AD with the reign of Anastasius I, and ending in 1453 AD with the toppling of Constantinople by the Ottoman Turks.

Certificates of Authenticity accompany all Religious Ancient Byzantine Gold Solidus coin jewelry.  View a typical New World Treasures photo type Certificate of Authenticity.


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Gold Solidus
Item#:  16002
Gold Solidus
913-959 AD

Measurements with 18k gold bezel
Weight:  8.3 grams
Diameter: .90 inches

Price:  $2495.00  SOLD


Ancient Byzantine gold solidus coin minted in Constantinople during the reign of Constantine VII and Romanus II, 913 - 959 AD, graded very fine for wear.  The obverse displays the bust of Christ wearing a nimbus cruciger with three pellets in each cross limb and holding the book of Gospels in his left hand.  The reverse side features the busts of co-emperors Constantine VII and his son Romanus II, both crowned and holding a long patriarchal cross.  This exceptional coin is mounted in a 18k gold bezel with fixed bale.


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